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“What better place than here, what better time than now” - Presentation skills training can help individuals to become more aware of their body language, understand their audience and deliver an engaging message that people can connect with. All these skills can be carried through to other methods of communication and can be utilised in more than just delivering presentations. Good presentation skills help individuals/team reach their full potential and open up various career opportunities. People who deliver great presentations stand out and get noticed. Mechanical Engineering can be a tough job. We work on complex designs that solve complex problems.

Solving those problems is not up to the engineer alone, but requires a team effort of partners to address social and environmental impact, determine the best design techniques and tackle a host of issues that arise during a project. That means mechanical engineers must communicate with others to get their work completed and sometimes that means giving a presentation. All the ideologies which support society and make human life easier can be expressed by simple PowerPoint Presentations. The aim of slide plain is not merely to see the creativity but also to trigger the thought process of the students towards the pillars of development.

Through this event, the students are provided with the platform to exhibit new inventions and product innovations that enable overall development. Hence the young and creative Minds with innovative thoughts running in them can kindly be registered in this competition and exhibit their talent the best ideology will be certified and honoured.


  • What do you think is better to receive after each lesson.
  • Candidates are requested to send the presentation to the Email ID:

    (Your presentation must contain your name, stream name, topic name, college name, email address and contact number.)

  • Candidates can include videos in presentations and also early sent presentations will be first preferred to be accepted.
  • Candidates must be available for at least one day for his/her presentation.

Contact person:

Ch. Youkthisri


K. Tejaswi