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  • V.Pavani 7386466047
  • M.Krishna Kavya 9398842369

An event that challenges participants to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of mechanical concepts and principles. The competition is designed to test the participant’s expertise in areas such as mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and material science, and among others. Contestants need to engage in teams, with each team consisting of 2 to 5 members. The competition typically consists of multiple rounds, starting with a preliminary round to narrow down the field of participants. The final round will be a face off between the top performers.

Prizes for the competition include certificates, rewards, and other honours.

Achievements through competitions can leave great imprints on one’s persona. Keeping this in mind, this quiz competition is going to be held on 18th/19th march 2023. The competition will be held at the DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JNTUK. The quiz competition will cover a wide range of technical topics.


  • It is a group event.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 4 members.
  • Remaining instructions will be provided at the event.
  • Registration fee: 200/- per team

Contact person:



M.Krishna Kavya