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  • G L Sravani9390784623
  • B Srikanth 93900 78861
  • Chandrasekhar 93925 82161

About Us

We are delighted to inform you that IPRIME SKILL is going to organize a training camp in JNTU Kakinada Institute. Get Hands on session and Experience Innovative Technologies. Team of IPRIME SKILL has delivered several workshops all over the country in almost every state of India including all IITs, NITs and other Govt. and Private

Main Objective

The overall aim is to conceptualize an F1 car design, which will be virtually tested with the help of simulation technology. The vehicle will be demonstrated in live.

Duration of the Workshop

This is a Two Full day workshop= (5hrs X 2=10 Hours)

Workshop Registration fee

  • Rs.800/- for individual (One person)
  • Rs.1500/- for group of two students.
  • Rs. 2300/- for group of three students and this group is allowed in participating slide plain event for free.
  • Rs.2800 /- for group of four students and this group is allowed in participating mech quiz event for free.
  • Rs.3200/- for group of five students and this group is allowed in participating mech quiz event and slide plain event for free.


  • Introduction to “Automobile Engineering”
  • Difference b/w super,ATV,sports,formula car
  • Chassis ,Goals of chassis , Types of chassis:
  • Monocoque ,Ladder-frame ,Space-frame , Back-bone chassis
  • Types of cars based on that ,Rigidity and uses of different types of chassis
  • Suspension system for on road and off road applications
  • Types of suspension springs
  • Uses and applications of each Tire mechanism ,Tire nomenclature
  • Co-ordinate system for mechanism ,Euler angles , Turning radius
  • Cornering stiffness , Slip angle ,Steering ratio
  • Derivation of turning equation , Concept of understeer and oversteer
  • Concept of drifting , Suspension designing and balancing parameters
  • Jacobian matrix application in automotive dynamics
  • F.E.A
  • 4 Anti-dive and anti-squat geometry
  • Balancing of Double wishbone suspension for off-road and on road application
  • Spring rate and dynamic camber calculation
  • Camber change rate
  • Front view swing arm & side view swing arm length calculation
  • Braking mechanism
  • Braking dynamics
  • Braking performance triangles
  • Designing parameters for disc brakes
  • Designing of Form ula One Car Frame using Solid Work


  • Complete Practical Session
  • IIT Bombay certification
  • Will get to see the Formula 1 car in real in our college campus
  • Winners will get Internship opportunity
  • G L Sravani: 9390784623
  • B Srikanth: 93900 78861
  • Chandrasekhar: 9392582161