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  • MD Tanveer Ahamed8688457034
  • Yeesheswi 9030686353

Computer Aided Design (CAD) uses a specialized software to create two and three dimensional images and animations of projects for both in manufacturing and for use in advertising and technical manuals. CAD is essential in industry today as the animations produced can calculate dimensions, tolerances and possible solutions, as well as simulate how a design will actually function in the real world.

Competitors will be evaluated on a variety of skills necessary for a CAD designer throughout this competition. These abilities include the ability to create 3D models, 3D assemblies, and 2D technical drawings on any CAD software.


  • Softwares Available at our university: CATIA, AUTOCAD
  • Students who are experts in other design software are allowed to bring their own laptops to the campus at the time of event.
  • Eligibility: Anyone irrespective of their year with basic skills in design software is eligible in this competition.
  • The fastest one will be rewarded
  • Registration fee: Rs 200/-


  • Participants must model exact replica of the given design on any cad software.
  • Additional Rules will be provided at the event.
Visit the practice models for the students who are preparing for the event

Contact person:

MD Tanveer Ahamed




These are some of the practice models for the students who are preparing for the event.