In order to start the TORQUE2023's adventure with a lot of power, the engines were already lit and had developed considerable torque. You are cordially invited by TORQUE to join this adventure and take part in the first-ever technical fest to be held on such a grand scale. The entrances to CAMPUS CONQUEROR are now open.

About CC:

You have the opportunity to participate in this technical extravaganza. With Campus Conqueror Program you get a chance to be an extended part of the organizing team of TORQUE 2023. The Campus Conqueror programme aims to unite student groups and uphold cordial relations with the representatives so that they can disseminate and compile the necessary information and approve the responsibilities assigned to the connected Conquerors to spread the word about the TORQUE 23.

Your only responsibility will be to head the college delegation that will be competing in TORQUE and spread the word about it. Take charge and make yourself the group's leader. Take charge and make yourself the group's leader.


An opportunity to meet with people from various fields and colleges all around India, which will help you enhance your communication and managerial skills. It enhances your leadership abilities and gives you the possibility to plan TORQUE workshops at the college level.

Be a TORQUE 2023 Conqueror at your college.

Responsibilities of COLLEGE CONQUEROR:


TORQUE has always been a participatory organisation. Thus, finding exceptional students at your campus and encouraging them to participate is essential to be a CC. Give your college's talented students the opportunity they deserve.


A festival is only as good as the publicity it receives, so get the word out. You must display the posters we give you for everyone to see, or at the very least for everyone in your campus, on display.


We have events, and you need to let people know about them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and whatever other social media outlet you can get your hands on.

NOTE: You must finish the tasks you've been given before the deadline.


Regardless of the year you are in, everyone is qualified for this position. To help us make this issue of TORQUE magnificent, all we need is your fervour and enthusiasm to powerup this fest.

Requirements for being a campus conqueror:

  • The associated members should be a good communicator, orator and Listener.
  • They must have a good social background
  • He/she must be an enthusiast to volunteer the activities and events, thus will be able to expand the scale of the fest.
  • He / she must assist the students patiently and calmly explain their Queries.
  • Inquisitiveness regarding the events.
  • Promptness in responding the mail and the phone calls.


  • Campus Conquerors would be rewarded as mentioned in the Reward Scheme part of this document based on the number of students that are registered.
  • Official certificates will be provided to the College Conquerors from TORQUE as a token of appreciation.
  • A person will receive some additional bonuses with free products if they perform their duties flawlessly and put up an exceptional effort to invite people to the festival.


No. of students attending the TORQUE 2023 from your college. Rewards
5 and above Appreciation certificate
10 and above Appreciation certificate, free food and accommodation
15 and above Appreciation certificate, free food and accommodation, Free registration fee for one event
20 and above Appreciation certificate, free food and accommodation, Free registration fee for one event, Free merchandise

Frequently Asked Questions

Any College Student with a valid College Student Identity Card.

By Simply Registering on the College Conqueror Portal by clicking on the "Continue with Facebook" button at the opening page you initiate your registration process.

TORQUE23 fest can appoint more than one College Conqueror in the same college if the student participation from their college is large enough.

After continuing with Facebook, you need to fill your profile and join fb group. After these steps technical team will be verifying your uploads and your scores will be updated after 24 hours.

In order to get a CC Certificate, College Conqueror will have to make more members to participate in the TORQUE 2023.

Completion of every task on time would keep you on the list of contenders for the top positions to grab the incentives at TORQUE 2023.


Register sounds simple? Well, what are you waiting for? Join us as campus Conqueror and be the part of this incredible experience.

**Rules will be mailed to the selected contingents.

Contact: G.Meghana 9494254825